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Huddle Bullying Prevention Program Presented By Tim Hortons



Program Overview

The Toronto Argonauts’ Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program, presented by Tim Hortons, is an all encompassing opportunity for a school population to focus on the impact they can have on bullying and mental health in their environment. The program sees Toronto Argonauts players, cheerleaders, program staff and the Canadian Safe School Network working together to make schools safe. September 2015 will mark the 15th Anniversary of the Huddle Up Program, and it continuing to grow in popularity.


Designed for students in grade 3 to 12, Huddle Up sees Toronto Argonaut Players, Cheerleaders, and program staff, working together to powerfully support and covey our bullying prevention messages for both targets and bystanders. The Huddle Up Bullying Prevention program is comprised of three core components:

  • Leadership Committee Meeting
  • Player Assembly
  • Student Committee Summit


Optional Add-On Components:

  • Parent Information Night
  • Female Bullying Presentation
  • Additional Assembly (for large school populations)

 For more information on the Huddle up Bullying Prevention Program CLICK HERE

James Yurichuk Toronto Argonauts

2014/2015 Huddle Up Players

The following Argo Players have been instrumental in promoting the Huddle Up values of respect, inclusivity and perseverance in schools across the GTA. Their commitment to bullying prevention and passion for contributing to the community make them leaders both on and off the field.


WR #11 Natey Adjei

S #39 Matt Black

OL #57 Tyler Holmes

LB #25 Jonathan Hood

C #67 Jeff Keeping

SB #2 Chad Owens

OL #52 Wayne Smith

T #54 Chris Van Zeyl

DB #17 Matt Ware

LB #47 James Yurichuk



2014/2015 Huddle Up School Visits:


Anne Frank Public School

David Hornell Public School

General Mercer Public School

Gulfstream Public School

Kettle Lakes Public School

Kingsview Village Junior School

Kipling Collegiate Institute

Lambton-Kingsway J. M.S

McCrimmon Middle School

Mill Valley Junior Public School

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Mount Carmel S.S.

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School

R.H. McGregor Public School

Roselawn Public School

St. Andrews College

St. Simon Stock

T.L. Kennedy S.S.

Unionville Public School

Centennial Road J.R. Public School

St. Wilfrid Catholic School

Bloordale Public School

Newtonbrook S.S.

Newmarket High School

Bellmere Junior Public School

Brian W. Fleming Public School

Valley Park Middle School

Humber Valley Village JMS

Ecole Palermo Public School

Twentieth St.Jr. Public School

The Rosedale Day School

Don Bosco Catholic S.S.

St. Veronica C.E.S.

Maple Grove Public School

Morrish Public School

Black Walnut Public School


Student Committe




“The Huddle Up Committee gave me the opportunity and courage to talk to other people that I grew to trust about my experience in bullying. Knowing that I had those friends and an amazing teacher leading it, gave me the courage to wake up every day and go to school. If it weren't for you bringing Huddle Up to my school, I don't know where I'd be today.”

 – Andrea, High School Student


“The powerful and very personal message from the Toronto Argonauts players left our students talking about how hurtful bullying can be… Great role models with a great message!”

– Elementary School Teacher, Gandatsetiagon P.S.


 “The Argo players, and as a result, the Argos organization as a whole, represent everything good we want to see in our youth- that hard work, team spirit, community commitment and respect are the values that make solid citizens.”

 – High School Teacher, Pope John II C.S.S.


“Kids need outlets to talk about their experiences, ask questions, help each other and for this reason I was thrilled that my daughter participated in the Huddle Up Program in her school this year. The program was a great experience for her as well as for us, as parents. Thank you!”

 –Chris and Zaven, parents


For more information on the Huddle up Bullying Prevention Program CLICK HERE



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