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The Level the Playing Field Program, presented by Tim Hortons, aims to grow the sport of football, as well as school spirit through engagement and mentorship. In addition to establishment grants, which establish new football teams, Level the Playing Field supports numerous teams on a yearly basis by providing revitalization grants to help with equipment needs. Most importantly, the Level the Playing Field Program will continue to support the safety of football players by providing league wide helmet certifications and the subsidy of athletic therapists at all football games. Not only do the teams that receive grants benefit from mentorship experiences, but the entire school community is engaged by the program through player, cheerleader and program staff acting as ambassadors for school spirit. Currently, this program serves the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.



What students are saying:

“Having the Argos at our practices gave me a confidence boost and made me feel that anything is possible.”

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to play football and through practices I learned respect and discipline.”

“I strongly believe that when I am at practices and stay for the meetings I stay out of trouble. As a request I ask you to let me stay on the football team, because that helps me stay out of trouble.  Even if I am upset or angry someday, I let it out by playing hard and showing my spirit, rather than taking it out on someone else.”

“When I heard we had a team I couldn’t believe it, it felt good . At first it was tough, but it helped me grown mentally and physically. I learnt that if you have teamwork on the field, nothing is impossible.”

“Football helped me control my anger and also made me a better team player. It showed me how important chemistry and team work is on a team.” 

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What teachers/coaches are saying:

“The therapist did an excellent job in a frightening situation. I do not know what we would have done without the therapist there.”

“I am amazed by the commitment the Argo team (Jason, Erin, players, and cheerleaders) have shown toward the school. We are very lucky to have you on board.”

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For more information on Level The Playing Field
Kristen Ferrone – Coordinator, Education & Community Programs
Email: huddleup@argonauts.ca. 




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